Acoustic Containers

Acoustic containers- perfect noise reduction solution

Acoustic containers are solutions for mobile KVA 3,000 power and diesel generator systems in remote areas and/or require additional protection because of weather conditions or other external factors. New or used shipping containers at the standards and specifications of shipping companies may be used.

Great Performance in Noise Reduction

Our acoustic containers conform to the requirements of the Ministry of National Infrastructures, Energy and Water that include

  • The sides are covered with rock wool and Sibmin fabric to prevent fallout
  • 50% perforated steel or aluminum sheet to absorb noise
  • Service doors per the plan approved in advance
  • Acoustic maze at the air intake and hot air outlet
  • Corrugated aluminum sheet floor
  • Silenced exhausts
  • High-quality painting by AFC technology at a high temperature in a kiln
  • Powder paints are made from pure polyester with extraordinary properties in tough environments against corrosion, solar radiation, and dust, able to withstand blows, and no exposure to rus
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