Acoustic Rooms

Orkal’s acoustic solutions

Acoustic rooms are an acoustic solution for insulating a noise source and/or a number of adjacent noise sources that require easy access for regular perimeter servicing and maintenance. Most acoustic rooms have diesel generators, firefighting and other pumps in them. By law, all multistory buildings are required to have generators installed, which are operated during blackouts or other emergency. 

Noise reduction technology

The rooms are silenced by precision design of the generator’s power output, weight, radiator size, heat generation, accurate planning of the airflow, permitted pressure flows, exhaust flows, handling of vibrations, and, of course, the noise level, pursuant to the noise regulations by virtue of the Abatement of Noise Hazards Law. The objective is to abate noise hazards and improve the quality of the life of the building and local residents.

Acoustic room design

The acoustic room is designed in advance. When the project begins, the pipe system is synchronized to use the building’s walls and save future adaptation and construction costs. It is also recommended to design the room after buying the generator and at the requirements of the residential building’s acoustic consultant.

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