Generator Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Orkal's generator maintenance

The primary purpose of Orkal’s generator maintenance, improvement, and maintenance department is to design and offer your generators an array of thorough customized solutions that will improve their power output, increase their operating hours, extend their lives, and fulfill and realize their full potential and even go beyond it.

The department was established in the knowledge of the generator’s importance for the continuation of proper and regular daily operation of the customer and/or production line and/or system and/or the public it serves. Beyond understanding the value of a maintained and serviced generator for reducing costs and saving precious time, the main advantage of Orkal’s generator maintenance, improvement, and maintenance department is the assurance and peace of mind that it gives the beneficiaries of its services, whether they are the generator’s owners, financed its purchase, responsible for its working order and operation and/or the end users.

Large fleet of mobile services garages

All this is made possible thanks to the large fleet of mobile services garages, outstanding field technical staff, a skill and experienced professional team of service and support people, engineers, consultants, technicians, electricians, welders, and selected installers, a fully available professional response at routine times and in emergencies every day of the year, use of advanced technologies, and creating thinking, while maintaining the highest standards of fast and personal service.

Full service, maintenance, efficiency, and maintenance agreements:

The long-term agreements are also intended to provide support and back-up for malfunctions and in emergencies, but, first and foremost, to give you security and assurance in your daily routines with respect to the working order and maintenance of your generator.

Orkal’s service agreements are the ultimate integration of our knowledge and experience and the requirements and vision of the customers, making it possible to plan and assemble an array of solutions and flexible service package that is precisely customized to the customer’s needs, work conditions, and the generator’s specifications.

Generator warranty

Orkal issues a full warranty for both the main products and accessories in its possession and for the projects it performs. The warranty period is predetermined with the customer on the basis of its needs and/or the project requirements, and subject to an agreement that the parties sign at the time of the order.

The warranty period usually begins on the delivery date. If necessary, it is possible to initially coordinate a warranty period at another date, subject to the conditions agreed in advance and provided that the products are held and maintained pursuant to Orkal’s guidelines.

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