Company Profile

ORKAL Industries & machinery, is an Israeli based company, leading in Israel and in the world, in manufacturing and marketing of genset. The company is also leading in development and manufacturing of sate of the art acoustic canopies, and providing tailor made silencing solutions. 

ORKAL has invented several hybrid energy saving, power supplying solutions as per requirement. The main office and manufacturing facility is located in Caesarea South industrial zone.
During the last 3 decades, ORKAL dedicated significate resources for learning, R&D, manufacturing and installation of specific and systemic energy supply solution, as well as acoustic canopies for gensets, noise isolated rooms and variety of noise reduction solutions as per special requirements and specifications.

The company specializes in import, marketing and rental of huge variety of diesel, gas and fuel operating gensets, for fixed or moveable use.
We supply the range from 5 KVA to 3500 KVA, including all required subsystems and accessories to enable proper operation and linking with the main. ORKAL is proud to be among the few companies in the world that provide acoustic canopies and diesel generators for operation in extreme ambient weather and temperature conditions -45 to 55 degrees Celsius.
The unique acoustic canopies are precisely designed in order to enable proper and continuous operation, and to protect from any external damage. 

Due to the rich experience, innovative thinking, dedication to the customer, high quality of reliable service, self-production, while using state of the art technology and high quality of raw materials, ORKAL has built up a reputation of stable, professional and reliable company, that keep meeting Israeli and international standards.  

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