Hybrid Solar Observation and Monitoring Trailer

A mobile hybrid observation and monitoring tower, advanced technology, and creating, high-quality development for the orderly and efficient monitoring and documenting the movement of populations and potential suspects, large quantities of goods, and general conduct in a project within a 3-km radius anywhere at any time. 

The trailer and all its high-quality components are intended to work day or night in all terrains and weather conditions.

It provides 360-degree photographs and documentation of the designated area, with a fast zoom-in option to any location as needed or following a smart automatic alert. 

The observation trailer has technological tracking systems for open and closed spaces and adapted for government entities and public and private companies, such as security and defense ministries, secure sites, and hospitals. It can identify entries and departures, locate potential suspects, secure sites that are potential security targets, and obtain regular real-time updates during an emergency, and assist emergency and rescue teams.

Construction sites – site, employee, and heavy machinery security, alerts on the withdrawing of boundaries, and the documentation of goods, materials, and supplies entering or leaving the worksite. 

Conferences, festivals, and other outdoor events – search, security and the prevention of violence, timely identification of crowd pressure at the entrance, and working with the venue security manager.

Rescue – thorough search of traumatized areas, spotting injured persons, locating convenient access roads, used by the disaster managers to send and control rescue teams.

Seaports and airports – monitoring of goods and cargo ships and planes, respectively,  monitoring and control of trucks and other vehicles entering and leaving the port, spotting theft, smuggling, and sabotage attempts. 

Energy savings – uses cost-saving solar energy and a hybrid generator, which offer substantial operational savings of the tactical cabin, even during lengthy and intensive operations. The generator turns automatically on when the batteries reach 20% output, and turns off when they reach 100% output.

Silent running – the generator is equipment with an especially quiet motor for operating in crowded venues without affecting people nearby and during routine work.

Easy and convenient operation – simple operating system via any mobile phone and without the need for special training.



  • Advanced stainless steel and proprietary anti-corrosion paint.
  • Independent solar panels with up to 30 ampere output for one hour in optimal solar conditions
  • Multistage flexible hydro-pneumatic pole up to a height of ten meters, resistant to stormy weather and winds up to 100 km/h
  • Mobile remote control app
  • Powerful loudspeakers
  • Cyber protection option
  • CRISP very high resolution video analysis option
  • Four full HD cameras with night vision
  • Full HD PTZ camera
  • Searchlights with 600-m range
  • 105-km range radar option
  • 6 KVA VAC220 generator
  • Batteries with charge control
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