Standards and Certifications

The management of Orkal Industries and Machinery Ltd. considers quality to be a fundamental guiding principle to the company’s success. Operational excellence, combined with a commitment to constantly improve the quality system, is not just a target; it is a way of life and basic strategy that serves as a growth engine. 

Orkal’s management and all its employees are committed to taking all the means and allocating the resources necessary to preserve the quality, safety, and environmental system so the company’s products will conform to the provisions of the law and national and international standards.

The company manages a quality assurance network that includes defined procedures and orderly work processes for efficient internal processes in order to provide its customers confidence that the company’s products are of the highest quality with a warranty and technical support that takes the customer’s needs into account. 

The quality assurance network covers all the disciplines that affect the organization’s quality processes, from the moment an order is placed with manufacturers and suppliers through the delivery of the products to the customers. 

Orkal’s quality assurance network is intended to guarantee the level of quality of the company’s products and services, including storage, product testing, and shipment procedures through the issue of certificates of quality pursuant to the relevant standards and specifications.

As a leading company with products that conform to the standards, we manage a supplier metrics array to regularly monitor the quality operations of the company’s suppliers, with an emphasis on the level of certification, production, undertaking of corrective actions, and handling of complaints. 

Orkal is a recognized supplier of the Ministry of Defense and Israel’s defense industry, with ISO 9001:2015 certification for the production of special generator canopies and silencers, including generator marketing and service. Orkal’s products conform to British and European Union standards.

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