Company Values

Every company and organization has its own values, perspective, and what it believes in and how it is run.

These values have driven Orkal Industries and Machinery Ltd. for more than 30 years.

Excellence as a standard

At Orkal Industries and Machinery Ltd., we believe in hard work to achieve impressive and respectable results.

We invest heavily in studying the market and developing innovative technologies.

As a manufacturer and energy services provided, Orkal undertakes to provide its customers with the best solutions, products, and raw materials together with a professional service array. We are always ready to tackle challenges and problems and to seek new ideas for future success.

Business integrity

Orkal Industries and Machinery Ltd. is a fair and reliable company.

We consider establishing real communications and providing a personal relationship to be a key advantage of the company, and we deepen it and create full mutual trust.

Our business approach is founded on the values of trust and partnership in the relations that we build with the company’s employees, customers, and diverse suppliers. Everyone is a strategic partner, which is why we are committed to fairness and transparency with the objective of establishing good long-term relations based on reciprocity and fellowship.

The customer at the center

The satisfaction of our customers is the critical reason for our existence and the source of our growth. This value is designed so that we operate and are bound to reexamine everything, improve what exists, reach more people and markets worldwide with proprietary concepts, innovative solutions, quality life-enhancing products, and to maintain business activity that creates high value for all our stakeholders. We are committed to the full satisfaction and success of our customers with the objective of establishing long-term partners.

An Israeli family

We are proud to be a longstanding Israeli enterprise that offers its employees a family atmosphere where everyone works together in partnership and teamwork.

The company’s employees are an important and precious asset for the company and their accumulation of extensive experience and knowhow over the years ensures the highest quality products and services. Local production enables us to emphasize research and understanding the special needs of the Israeli market, ensuring our customers flexibility, accessibility, and service.

Environmental responsibility

Orkal places great importance on protecting the environment and the earth’s resources. It uses innovative technologies that prevent safety hazards, reduce pollution, and save energy, water, and other resources. It reduces air pollution by cutting electricity and fuel consumption and the sagacious use of other resources. We are committed to implementing environmental policy education at every level of the company and its employees. We have therefore adopted a series of rules and guidelines that ensure the reduction of environmental hazards, from changing the behavior of the office teams and production employees. Everyone takes initiatives to improve the environment and include environmental considerations in decision-making processes and day-to-day conduct, such as reducing the amount of waste generated by work through recycling and waste separation, reuse of paper, and reducing the use of raw materials on the production line and across the company in general.

Orkal has an independent department, the core purpose and mission of which are the development of green technologies and advanced hybrid solar systems in the spirit of sustainability, in the present and future. They will make possible a change in the conduct of businesses, factories, and other industries to reduce their environmental impact and strengthen their ability to have a positive effect on the community and society in which they operate, and improve their functioning, business stability, and competitiveness.

Our years of experience, combined with uncompromising professionalism by the company’s employees, are what make it possible for us to offer our customers the best in every discipline. We are determined to continue to be the best generators and energy company in its field, break through the current barriers, and strive to maintain a constant high level of performance and raise the threshold of uncompromising excellence.

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