What are silencers?

Silencers are a technical noise abatement solution in rooms, containers, pumping rooms, ventilator rooms, and elsewhere. Noise is abated by passing the air through noise-absorbing bodies and envelopes. These bodies are usually made from galvanized iron and filled with rock wool that is protected by perforated sheets.

Customized silencers manufactured at our plant and precision design using innovative technologies and high-quality raw materials are leaders in the world of acoustics.

A silencer is selected and designed according to the following variables:

  • The nature of the installation, location constraints, and silencing requirements pursuant to definitions and standards.
  • Reference and adaptation to all the relevant parameters: engine model, continuous KVA power, overall weight, radiator size, and KW heat
  • Airflow in m3/sec, airflow for burning in m3/sec, permitted pressure multiple Wg mm, exhaust pressure multiple Hg mm
  • The sliencer’s length, height, and density will increase in correlation with the required level of silencing, taking into account the dimensions of the possible openings and the presence of square silencers.

There are the basic models of square silencers, which are divided by the percentage of airflow and, later, pressure flow, which may be optimally adjusted for the required level of noise abatement. If necessary, it is possible to establish a customized order for each dimension, specification, and requirement

  • Model L with an airflow surface of 50%
  • Model M with an airflow surface of 42%
  • Model H with an airflow surface of 33%

All Orkal silencer models pass a series of tests and acoustic measurements with outstanding results, on the basis of ISO 7235, the highest international standard for the industry for testing the insulation and quality features of silencers.

Below is a summary of the measurement results

Round silencers

Round silencers are cylindrical shaped, built from noise absorbent materials in their sides. They are the optimal acoustic solution for abating noise that originates at the entry and exit of bellows and fans and for pipes or conduits, or any other cylindrical system. The silencers’ diameter and length data vary with the engineering design. They are customized to the customer and project specifications. The noise abatement level can be greatly improved by adding an internal core to the silencer, and, if necessary, also a ring around the core to make the silencer more efficient and triple level.

Acoustic blinds

Acoustic blinds are silencers with a limited thickness. They are an excellent solution for projects with location constraints. 

Their prominent advantage is that they allow airflow and are therefore frequently used as screening walls on the facades of buildings and other structures. Acoustic blinds are made from a galvanized steel envelope and noise-absorbent body, which create an airflow obstacle. 

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